Year of Glad

Year of Glad is an experimental drone-folk collaboration based in Montreal and the brainchild of A.P. Bergeron; conceived in solitude but brought up with the help of a veritable village of collaborators. Together, Bergeron and his shifting band of cronies have carved out a truly otherworldly sound—a shared fever dream at the intersection of folk, jazz, doom, and psychedelia. The project has drawn comparisons to Dirty Three, Amen Dunes and Sigur Rós, but Year of Glad’s vast and soaring anthems are equally indebted to the small town punk ethos in which many of its core members cut their teeth. Bergeron points to local post-rock pioneers Godspeed You! Black Emperor as having illuminated the potential for music that was both complex and beautiful while still maintaining a strong punk sensibility. “We were punk rockers growing up and Godspeed always had that punk spirit without the musical convention.”   Bergeron wrote much of first album Old Growth in his childhood home of rural Nova Scotia. Seeking deep seclusion, Bergeron often retreated to the many derelict buildings that litter the province’s natural landscape. The balance of decay and new life found in these overgrown, abandoned homes and broken-down mills inspired a collection of songs dealing with the sublime, crushing mortality, and the universal connection between all living things.

Year of Glad has shared the stage with Chelsea Wolfe, Buke & Gase, Jacco Gardner and Alden Penner (The Unicorns, Clues) and has been showcased at Pop Montreal, NXNE, Sled Island and M for Montreal.



A Tension (2010)
Fave/Drawbackdoors (2012)
Old Growth (2014)
Old Growth (remixed & remastered) (2015 Vox Humana Records)

Resolving Host (Oh Hi, 2016)

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