Fracture VHR05 – ‘Fracture’ by Jake Downs

The debut album from Jake Downs ‘Fracture’ functions as a memoir of thoughts and memories fractured across time and space, and is a chronological tale through dark periods and into the light. Recorded at Café Music Studios and mixed by Erland Cooper, the album is built around Jake’s vocals and piano combined with lush strings, occasional heavy percussion and the dissonance of ambient noise and glitchy electronics. It is available on CD and digitally.

“The incredible Jake Downs.” James Santer, BBC Introducing Devon




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Old Growth albumVHR04 – ‘Old Growth’ by Year of Glad

Year of Glad self-released a six song lo-fi epic entitled Old Growth in 2014. Despite very little promotion the album received critical acclaim from The Quietus and Under the Radar and we released a remixed and remastered version on coloured vinyl and digital download in 2015.

“Symphonically arranged and dynamically executed, Old Growth is an epic that has the capacity to fully sweep you far, far away (9/10).”

“With obvious comparisons to the mighty Sigur Ros, Old Growth holds its own against any parallels and establishes itself as one fine album (8/10.)” Louder Than War


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Crave 7 inch

VHR03 – ‘Crave’ by Jake Downs

Jake’s second single ‘Crave’ b/w ‘Pleasure Past’ was recorded in Café Music Studios in East London. Strings, harp and musical saw form a lush backdrop to a piano driven song and Jake’s searing vocals. It was released on 7″ moonlight coloured vinyl and download.

Jake is not only a talented singer but to throw in the fact that he’s also a multi instrumentalist, it gives the whole shebang an added level of greatness. The orchestral arrangement in Crave is just a pleasure to listen to.” Fresh on the Net

Somewhere between the loveliness of early Keane, Bastille, Antony and the Johnsons and the fantastic Ajimal.” Deadly Music



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Seize the Water single

VHR02 – ‘Seize the Water’ by Jake Downs

Seize the Water, and its B-side ‘The Prince’ were recorded at Toybox studios in Bristol in the summer of 2012. Both songs were written and produced by Jake and he also played most of the instruments, with the assistance of the Vulcan String Quartet, Stef Hambrook on drums and Jake’s sister, Sophie, on backing vocals. The single was released on a limited edition sea-coloured vinyl as well as being available as a download and to stream.

“’Seize The Water’ soars magnificently…(it) is undoubtedly just the start for this exciting Devon talent.” Faded Glamour

“Taking influence from musicians like Kate Bush, Florence Welch, Laura Marling and Bjork, Jake Downs mixes his classical training with his love of pop to produce something dangerously close to perfection.” Cambridge Theologian


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Madagascar EP

VHR01 – ‘Madagascar EP’ by Clara Engel

This 12″ vinyl comprises three tracks. ‘Blind Me’ and ‘Madagascar’ were originally released on the album Secret Beasts, while ‘Accompanied by Dreams’ is from The Bethlehem Tapes. The EP forms a perfect introduction to this poetic and uncompromising Canadian artist.

“From the heart wrenching to the intriguing to the slightly disturbing.” Kara’s Headphones 

“Engel sticks to minimal production to re-enforce the strength and dynamics of her vocals – and rightly so, her voice is nothing short of brilliant.” Sound Revolution



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