For all enquiries email: colin@voxhumanarecords.co.uk

Established in 2011, Vox Humana is a boutique record label based in Kent, UK and works with interesting and exciting artists to help them get their music out into the world. We are artist focused and it’s one of our principles that artists have full creative control but we help make sure that they present their art as well as possible, working on a revenue share contract to make sure that they get fairly paid. Originally vinyl only, the label now also releases in digital and CD but with the focus on interesting music and high audio quality.

Demo policy:

Please send a streaming link (Soundcloud,  Bandcamp or YouTube preferred) to one song. If you like, it’s also helpful to know briefly what your music’s about and why you do it. We can’t guarantee to respond to everything and it may take a while but we will try. If the email is personalised it helps us to know that you think your music might be a good fit for us. It’s worth noting that we’re a small label with limited resources and we currently tend to work on one release at a time.